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The Dreamers

   Bertolucci returns!   If, like me, the French New Wave is one of your all-time favorite movements in the history of film then you’ll probably enjoy this.   A young American in Paris in ’68 befriends a perversely symbiotic brother and sister.   With revolution in the air, the three film-loving young people hole up in their apartment and enact various games/scenarios/debates having to do with film and politics (as well as the activities that earned the picture its NC-17 rating!).   Great use of music as well as clips from the likes of “Breathless” and “A Band Apart”.   60s nostalgia of the sort Bertolucci gets into here doesn’t offend me too much, because all indications seem to be that France in the 60s really was an incomparable time and place for film.


- Feb 18, 2004

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